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Lighthouse CC Beta1.0

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About This Course

The Lighthouse CC is a professional development course for community college computing instructors who wished to recruit more diverse students in their courses. Community college computing instructors will be able to increase students class enrollments and diversity after taking the course. The research-based course topics include active recruiting strategies, the importance of diversity in computing, inclusive pedagogy, and more. Hands-on activities that are directly applicable to classroom teaching will be provided.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Diversity in Computing
  • Module 2: Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Module 3: Stereotype Threat I
  • Module 4: Stereotype Threat II
  • Module 5: Active Recruiting
  • Module 6: A Student-focused Approach


Your brain, your voice, and your enthusiasm.



Jim Cohoon

Dr. Jim Cohoon

Module: A Student-focused Approach

Jim is co-PI and co-creator of the Tapestry professional development workshops for high school computer science educators. His Chrestomathics project changed several institutions’ introductory college CS1 curriculum using multiple pathways, active collaborative learning, integrated lecture and laboratory, and tailored examples and pedagogies. Locally, the project raised undergraduate women majors from 12% to ~30% and achieved near proportional representation for underrepresented minorities. In recognition of his diversity efforts he was won the IEEE Computer Society’s Taylor L. Booth Educator Award.

Luther Tychonievich

Dr. Luther Tychonievich

Module: Stereotype Threat I, Stereotype Threat II

Luther is co-organizer of the Tapestry professional development workshops for high school computer science educators and an integral member of the Lighthouse project. Since 2009, his participation has been exhaustive: presenting, training workshop organizers, managing applications, and running workshops of various lengths. Besides teaching Computer Science at the University of Virginia, his work interests include larger-scale curriculum redesign and training teaching assistants. In addition he is one of the leaders in the Family History Information Standards Organisation.

Leslie Cintron

Dr. Leslie Cintron

Module: Diversity in Computing & Active Recruiting

Leslie is a co-organizer of the Tapestry professional development workshops for high school computer science educators and a founding member of Lighthouse. Cintron is a Harvard-trained sociologist with expertise in careers, employment and workforce development. Cintron served as lead researcher on several research projects focusing on workforce and careers. Her research includes a national study of US worker’s attitudes toward work and family across generational groupings, a study of female high tech entrepreneurs and an examination of the role of technology in modern life.

YunJeone (Eunice) Chang

Dr. YunJeong (Eunice) Chang

Module: Inclusive Pedagogy

Eunice holds a doctorate in Learning, Design and Technology from the University of Georgia. Dr. Chang served as an instructional scientist and instructional designer for the Lighthouse CC. She has conducted educational research and published papers on instructional design principles to motivate community college computing faculty in the diversity-focused professional development online courses. Before joining Lighthouse team, she was involved in several research projects, including a NSF-funded project, focusing on developing online and blended learning environments for STEM and medical education. Her research interests include designing learner-centered learning environments with active learning strategies to improve equitable learning and learning engagement in higher education.


Joanne Cohoon

Dr. Joanne Cohoon

 Joanne was a co-PI and co-creator of the Tapestry professional development workshops for high school computer science educators. She was a sociologist who studied the gender imbalance in computing for almost twenty years, and who successfully put this knowledge into practice, particularly through her work with the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Cohoon provided professional development to program evaluators and high school computer science educators. She will be missed.

Technical Staff

Aihua Chen

Aihua Chen

Role: Lead on setting up Open edX platform and Discourse forum

Aihua has a M.S from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications , was a product designer for Baidu (a major Chinese web services company) before coming to University of Virginia. Driven by strong interests in education field, she is assisting Lighthouse CC MOOCs contents and layout development.


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